Should the
worst happen...

If your story ended unexpectedly, wouldn’t some practical information, help your loved ones, to cope?

Those who recover from potentially fatal situations commonly report being desperate, at the time, to leave instructions and messages, nearly all of them practical. The knew that their loved ones would have a mass of questions, with no one to ask. What medicines does the dog need? Where are the spare keys? Where are your online photos, your insurance records? What do the children like to eat?

Records kept for others can be incredibly useful, for you!

Using Emergency Planning to keep up-to-date essential information for others, also gives you a single place to recover that information, whenever you need it, with just the right level of privacy and security.

No passwords, no usernames

When you’re gone, you loved ones need to know which companies you use for banking, insurance, online social media and digital asset accounts. That and your name are usually enough. So no access codes of any sort – that requires a level of security and expense no one wants to incur (and would you really trust it anyway?).

Notes to self

A private place to make notes and say what you can’t say to anyone, except yourself. Some ideas might make it from here, to Future Plans.

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Past Events

Getting the big things onto a timeline shows how life is panning out. Sharing only with those closest to you, helps make the story from today, the one you want.

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