Your private diary

What do you need to say, that you can't say to anyone? What might you forget, if you don't say it now?

Notes to Self is a like having a private diary that you can take anywhere and which won’t be found under your mattress when your mum / partner etc goes looking for a lost bit of jewellery.

Putting things into words often helps to see them more clearly, so we like to use this feature to work our private stuff and to record how we feel at crucial moments. You could use it for your shopping list if you really want, but please note that not even your chosen followers can see your Notes to Self.

Being honest with yourself

Being genuinely honest with yourself is really difficult (a bit like trying to taste your own tongue!), but beneficial, if you can get it right.

If something is not right but can’t work out what, a little ‘self-therapy’ can work wonders. It’s hard, especially for people who are too self-critical (which is most of us). Physical feelings though – how you react in certain circumstances – are always real and relevant, especially when seem to make no sense. So it makes sense, to start with them. What makes you feel, as the Al Green song says, good or bad, angry or sad? See where that takes you.

Getting important stuff down while you can. When big things happen, contemporaneous notes are precious.

Our memories are nothing like as true as we’d like to think. Even shortly after an event, recollections differ significantly. Months and years later, they can be wildly out. As diarists down the ages have discovered, when something feels important, it’s always great to have made a note at the time. That way, you can trust you own record, remind yourself how good something felt, or how shocking it seemed, reflect on what happened next – and learn.

Capture your thoughts, wherever you are

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Past Events

Getting the big things onto a timeline shows how life is panning out. Sharing only with those closest to you, helps make the story from today, the one you want.

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Future Plans

You’re more likely to do, what you want to do, if you start to plan. Put it on your timeline too, and one of your friends might ask to do it, with you!

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