Make good
things happen

Life really is better, with a plan!

We all have things we think we’d like to do, but what are you prepared to sacrifice, to do it? To actually, say, get fit, speak another language or strengthen relationships – that takes motivation. The good news is that, when you make a plan, it often shows you that the time, effort or money needed, is not that great. In fact, with simpler things, such as seeing an old friend, fixing a date might be the only extra effort required!

Plan + Timeline entry = Self-discipline

When you have a plan, one thing that can help you stick to it (we all weaken sometimes) is to put key dates for it, on your timeline. Then, not only can you see it, your followers can, too! This both helps to keep you ‘on track’ and makes it possible for your followers to support you or even, to join you.

People love to join in

Everyone has trouble getting around to things (well, perhaps not Bear Grylls or Tony Robbins, but all normal people). Yet once you make the effort to put together a plan to, say, hold that family party or do that long distance walk, you’ll be amazed at how many of those you love, say they’d love to join you or to help you. They just needed someone to make the effort. Why not you?

Emergency Planning

Leave instructions for your delegates to use in the event of death or disability. A great place, too, to keep notes on health, online accounts & more.

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Notes to self

A private place to make notes and say what you can’t say to anyone, except yourself. Some ideas might make it from here, to Future Plans.

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