See your past.
Build your future.

Life’s better, with a plan.

Happiplans is a space for you to capture and share cherished memories, plan your future with a bucket list, and safeguard private thoughts.

How it works


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Past Events

Your life is a story. Map it out and control how it unfolds, from here.

With our timeline feature, you can highlight the key events and experiences in your life so far and then look ahead. When you can see the pattern and path of your life, it’s much easier to know if you want to change gear – or change direction.

Future Plans

Turn your wish list into realities planned and achieved.

Whether your deepest desires are to have children or a chihuahua, to run a marathon or your own business, you are more likely to make them happen, with a plan. Get your list down here, see what you could put a date to on your timeline, and make them happen. Who knows – one of your friends or family might want to to come along too.

Emergency Planning

If the worst happened, what would those you’ve left behind, need to know?

Wills can cover money, property and financial assets. What about pets, or all of your online photos? How could someone you trust know about your various online accounts, let alone access them? A few notes here can make the world of difference.

Notes to self

Dreams you daren’t tell anyone? Tell yourself, here - and start to plan.

You can share your timeline with close friends and family but your Notes to Self, are just for you. Your private diary. Because writing stuff down helps to work out what you need to do, to make the really crazy stuff, real. Then you can decide if you are prepared to do it and, if you are, to start planning.

We believe that every moment counts...

… that’s why we’ve created a place for you to capture and share cherished memories, make plans for the future and to record and safeguard your private thoughts. Make sense of your life’s path, share what matters and make plans in private with Happiplans, today.

  • See and plan your life as a timeline
  • Share with few, if any
  • Store ‘just in case’ data, should the worst happen


Articles on topics such as will writing, coping with loss, and effective financial planning. Equip yourself with the knowledge you need to make the most of life’s milestones and challenges.