Building your

What’s the narrative of your life so far? Where do you want it to go?

Uniquely, a Happiplans timeline can include your wishes for the future as well as show what’s happened in your life to date. So whether you want to continue on your current trajectory, or change it, by visualising your timeline you can make necessary plans.

You can see hints and tips about creating your timeline below, or get started right now.

Starting with the basics, such as when & where you were born, where you grew up and went to school.

Your timeline starts with the day you were born and a few details around that. Ideally, include the ‘usual stuff’ – parents, location, your birth weight – plus any distinctive stories you might have about the day. If you can, ask your mum – she will remember any dramas of the day, very well!

Create the overall structure first - you can always fill in details later

The obvious big events in life provide a useful structure and will then often prompt thoughts about the times in between. At a bare bones level, we are looking at dates for things like:

– schools and colleges
– jobs
– partnerships and marriage
– moving home

Notes to self

A private place to make notes and say what you can’t say to anyone, except yourself. Some ideas might make it from here, to Future Plans.

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Future Plans

You’re more likely to do, what you want to do, if you start to plan. Put it on your timeline too, and one of your friends might ask to do it, with you!

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